Looking for Your Birthmother?

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The decision to begin a search is a big one. You have decided that the time has come to seek out “the rest of the story” about your birth and adoption. You have a desire to learn more about your birth mother and birth father and the hope to develop a friendship after so many years.


We are your leading adoption search provider in Missouri and Kansas specializing in the Kansas City, St. Joseph and western MO areas. Kansas City was home to many maternity homes such as St. Anthony’s, the Willows, Fairmount, Florence Crittendon, and the Cradle. The birth records are maintained at the County Court that finalized your adoption. Access to the birth record is regulated by Missouri law and an intermediary is required to locate and make confidential contact with your birth mother and birth father

Our association with the local courts allows us to provide the intermediary services needed to locate and contact the birth mother and birth father. This is completed in accordance with Missouri law on birth records. We have over 12 years of experience in providing competent search services and compassionate understanding to adoptees and birth parents.

Our goal in every search is to help answer your life long questions while taking the needs and wishes of your birth mother and birth father into consideration. We invite you to look around this site to learn more about a birth parent search in Missouri. When you are ready to begin a search for your birth mother, we would be happy to help. We are happy to answer any questions about the search process you may have.